Russ-toration, LLC

The Art of Restoring Memories...

The saying goes 'A picture is worth a thousand words' ...
Below are photos of some of Russ' work.
Russ-toration will perform as much or as little work as you desire.
You may want Russ to get you started by having him strip
 and clean your piece so you can finish the work.
Or, you may want Russ to complete the project. 
Whatever piece you choose to restore or repair you can be assured that Russ will treat it as his own!

Antique Bazaar Oak Office Desk 
 Before After
Drum Tables 
Before Before After
Half & Half Dresser 
 Before After


Forgotten Foyer Table 
 Before After
Sittin' on the Park Bench
 Before Before  After
 Serpentine Dresser
Before  Before  After
Head & Toes 
Before  Before  After
Lynn's Media Cabinet 
Before  After After
Cardinal Table 
Before  After
Broken Arm
Before  After
 Off My Rocker
Before After
See Right Thru Me 
 Before After
Family Dinner Time 
Before After
Head of the Table 
Before  After
Stop, Drop & Roll Top 
 Before After
The Drafter 
Before  After

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Photos don't do artwork justice but 'seeing is believing'
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"The Art of Restoring Memories & The Craft of Creating Heirlooms" ~Fine Woodworking by Russ